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Crack the Code

Like many marking strategies, our strategy is also underpinned by “Literacy Codes” to help to support staff to mark for literacy. After much consultation we arrived at our list of codes that all of the staff and students were going to use. The concept…conistency.. the goal.. to support the aim of raising standards in Literacy.

Literacy codes

But how do you make students engage with them? How do they become more than just squiggles in the margin? How do we get students to respond to them and act on them? Many of these questions were asked during our marking champions meetings. What we decided was to launch activities during form time called ” Crack the Code”.

The idea around the code activities were that we could firstly help to engage students with the meaning of the codes, secondly teach some functional literacy skills and thirdly promote and encourage students to reflect on and respond to their corrections.  The “Crack the Code” activities focus on different Codes and at KS4 we try to focus on more than one code at a time in order to differentiate the activity and create a deeper reflection opportunity.

Below are examples of some of the activities that we have used in form time.  

Crack the code[Wk1] Root words  and Crack the code WW Key Stage 3

OR examples for KS4 Crack the code[1]KS4 Science OR an English example Year 10 and 11 Crack the codes[3]

Year 10 and 11 Crack the codes[3]

We are still in the infancy of this concept, the signs so far are positive so I thought I would share this idea with you.  This is the feedback from a recent school survey that I did and as you can see it was positive.


Any comments, questions or feedback always welcome. 🙂






Year 10 and 11 Crack the codes


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