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Assessment for learning

Assessment for learning

“Assessment for learning is the process of seeking and interpreting evidence for use by learners and their teachers to decide where the learners are in their learning, where they need to go next and how best to get them there.”
Assessment Reform Group 2002
This is a document that outlines the key principles of AfL in the classroom.
Below are some tried and tested ideas for you to try.
I have used the following resources at the end of a lesson to allow students to reflect on their learning and the progress that they have made. They are simple but effective.
Where_is_your_learning_going[1] Similar to KWL grid
afl_mat[1] A useful summary 2 page PowerPoint
Learning continuum– Students could be asked to stand along the line at the start of the lesson and then at the end of the lesson. Numbers relate to their confidence in their knowledge of the subject. Ask them questions to assess why they have stood at the position. I.e. get them to “show you” they have made progress  or “why they have placed themselves on the line”.  


It’s that time in the lesson for us as teachers to judge students’ progress. Like me you are probably looking for new ways. Give this a try: Place a RED, YELLOW, OR GREEN card  OR an ALL, MOST, SOME  poster that links to learning outcome in corners of the room (Revisit the learning outcomes, and ask students to go and stand by the poster of the outcome they feel they can/have achieved.  Question students on this and ask for justification of their selection (“Why do you believe you have achieved this outcome?”, “Prove it!”). It is important that you ask pupils to “prove it” as this will make them more reflective and less likely to follow their friends. I just use coloured card but I found these posters which could be useful.

Click here for some example posters created by another blogger. http://learnalesson.co.uk/?page_id=231




The posters could be used or you could use traffic light fans. Students hold up the colour related to which outcome they have achieved. Self_Assessment_Fans. These need to be cut out and laminated. Alternatively you could cut up some red, yellow and green pieces of card and treasury tag them together.




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    Great resources

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