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I am an Advanced skills Science teacher in a truely comprehensive Bradford school. I am passionate about teaching and learning and believe that understanding how children learn is key to maximising the progress they make.

I thought I would create a blog to share with you some of the effective strategies. Some that I have created, some that I have found and trialled and found them to be effective.  

I believe that we never stop learning and that we can learn a lot from others. I hope that you will find what I have learnt useful and that I can learn from you. Ultimately helping our students to learn how to learn.

It’s all about the kids.

Love Hayley


4 responses to “About

  1. Tobi Adewale says:

    Brilliant blog and learning so much from what you have written. Thank you

  2. Hi! I am an 8th science teacher outside of Boston, MA (across the pond!). I am not familiar with APP. Would you be willing to explain it to me please? Thanks!

    • Hi,
      APP is a assessment strategy that was brought out at KS3 (Years 11-13) to assess students on different skills areas. In Science there were 5 Foci that were assessed. These were; AF1: Using Models AF2: Applications of Science AF3: Commincating in Science, AF4:Planning and AF5: Analysis and Evaluation.
      The APP skills are divided into success criteria at different levels that we/and the students can use to assess progress. Was brought out by the National Strategies for UK

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